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IV Ever Low History

IV Ever Low is a nation-wide car club which was founded in 1993 in the state of Arizona by Will Plummer. Over the past years IV has grown into a family of friends ranging from coast to coast and into Canada. We have many chapters to choose from, or if there isnít a chapter close to you, there are ways to start a new chapter in your area. To become a member of the IV Ever Low family is really quite easy. All we ask is to be dedicated, no BS and have a deep love affair with all things automotive.

The below By-Laws are not specific to every chapter. What is big and ďhotĒ in New York might not be the hotness out in SOCAL.. So each chapter has to adjust their by-laws to each specific geographic area.

If your Honda has a huge triple wing on it doesnít mean it is IV material. Same with minis, if your truck has 3.5 million dollars into the chassis and more tubes than a plate of spaghetti, but the overall truck looks like a pile of chimpanzee poo, then another club will be a good choice for you.†

Last but not least, we are a family. We call each other almost every day to see whatís up and who needs help. Our wives are our friends. Our girlfriends are our friends. Our guys are our friends. Donít bring your hot mess around if there is going to be drama; we are drama free and we like it. When someone disrespects the IV name, we all get upset and want to kick some ass.†

The IV Ever Low By-Laws:
1. Must be lowered; static, bagged or juiced
2. Must be show worthy to run a full logo
3. Must have at least two body modifications
4. Fully assembled clean interior, stock or custom
5. Paint, primer or rust as long as it is showable and complements the vehicle theme
6. Custom wheels, or wheels that complement the vehicle theme
7. No major body damage which would bring shame on the IV name

To become a IV member:
Must be a prospect for a minimum of 6 months and attend 2 major shows with their chapter. While petitioning they will be supplied with a petitioning window sticker. Once the allotted time has passed the petitioner will be voted on by the members of the chapter. If the vote is yes, then the petitioner will become a full member and the petitioning sticker will be replaced with a full IV Ever Low logo.

Shows, Cruising and Hangouts:
We like to hang out and do what we do best, cruise and show off! Meet at a predetermined spot and travel together; if someone has to make a stop, we all stop. Not all of us can get time off work or we have busy schedules so when there is a cruise or a show this is the time to get together and have some fun. Be respectful, but have some fun making memories that will last a lifetime.. after a show it has always been part of our history to get together for dinner or a BBQ.

Club Meetings:
Each chapter has their own time and place for club meetings. There is a phone roster, a mass email or text that goes out to all the members and petitioners and the date/time/location is announced. Also there is a Facebook page for all IV Ever Low members past and present (http://www.facebook.com/groups/116037104765/) and usually each chapter has their own specific Facebook page dedicated to their chapter only.

It is in your best interest to attend meetings. This is when important information is put out, show or upcoming events announced, and most importantly, a time when we can joke around and get to know each other better.

IV Decals:
All members must display a IV Ever Low logo or petitioning logo on their vehicle at all times. Color combinations are up to the member. This Law should not have to be enforced, be proud to show your clubs name & history, we are one of the oldest clubs out there, and our name has much pride and history behind it..